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The meaning of Triple S comes from the band SS501. We are the SUPPORTERS. We come from around the world to show the love and support for all 5 men who changed our lives, one way or another. To call yourself a Triple S, you pledge to....... (credit to @ss501facts)

To never pronounce the word "disbandment" & keep in mind the members are 501 in their heart first
To always smile at Kim Hyun Jooong, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong, Park Jung Min, and Kim Hyung Jun's success, together or apart
To support and shield them through hard times
To ignore rumors and only trust SS501's words, aware of the fact they would never lie to their fans
To constantly remember SS501 have never wronged or disappointed Green Peas
To fight discouragement with this certainity in their heart
To commit themselves to never support piracy in order to repay SS501's hard work
To love their bias with all their heart and to love all the five members with all their soul
To care about other Triple S and respect other fandoms, just like SS501 care about each other and respect other groups
To treasure the TS sisterhood independently of other Triple S's degree of obsession or the span of time they've been Green Peas for.

SS501 messages to one another <3 credits tagged!

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